Saturday, February 6, 2010

Prettiest Pron Star In The World Are Playmate-type-of-women The Most Prettiest People In The World?

Are playmate-type-of-women the most prettiest people in the world? - prettiest pron star in the world

Ladies (and the ladies are women !!!), playmates, star, etc. pron women most beautiful? The other day I thought that people everywhere fell in love with these women. Therefore, the magazine has been banned worldwide. Its attraction is very strong and very addictive!

Is it fair to say they are the most beautiful women in the world?


Lightnin... said...

The men all over the world take place, or time playmate falling love with these "standard-of-women." Its attractiveness is very strong and very addictive, but not in love with them.

What we are talking about greed. Many people, especially young men who are not know better, these women are affected, but older people know to be worn for what it. We know that many women than men are required to pay for your business. And for that reason alone, most older people would not be so stupid to take it seriously. Also, just because a woman looks good, does not mean well they treat. It appears that says nothing about the character.

Is it fair to say that you are very beautiful. But if there were a lot of plastic surgery and makeup assistant constantly hovering over you, you would look as they look.

Now I have no qualms about physical beauty, and in my younger years, could be manipulated by him. But the ladies should not be compared with models, porn stars, or planningYBOY Playmates. Scrape the tons of make-up, remove the silicone or saline, and then tell me what you have. Look at the photos before and after. You will be surprised.

King's Mama said...

I believe that beauty takes many forms as there are people. What is the breath of beautiful there may be some very unattractive. Everyone knows that women in magazines are retouched to perfection, is only the definition of beautiful. This thick, why it is not clear, old, thin hair, flat chest women adorn these journals.

sexycrac... said...

Oh my God
The beauty is superficial. more men on the personality more than ****. attracted Most people think it's a joke now that the technology is not, most guys are not even really call it that.

Children who are soooo in love with the girl in love with a girl created with the computer, not a real girl.

ARTmom said...

Things that have been banned because the women are naked, "the ugly men could not even be seen. No, some are pretty, but there are many beautiful women who are not in the first nude photos

Curious said...

Are you kidding? I think that look like men dressed as women. The coz its not very Gorp men in them .... Work It Out! It is certainly not the most beautiful woman in the world, generally very unattractive.

Gretchen said...

Men are not attracted because of their beauty.
Men are attracted to them because it OP RN.
These women are sold and
are certainly not so much!

Chelsea said...

Of course not. Are bad.

Love2009 said...

Some of them are really nice and some of them Arent. I've always thought that Anna Nicole Smith was great

Bill Nighy said...

Ew, no. They are basically the same person.

miss g! said...

Of course not.

Bleach blonde hair? Orange peel? Several plastic surgery? No. ..

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